CareerLife Nigeria organizes a FREE Career Workshop for 50 people

CareerLife Nigeria organizes a FREE Career Workshop for 50 people

CareerLife Nigeria is a forum and career blog for young professionals that seeks to help them grow and succeed in their desired path. The Employability Fitness Program is an initiative targeted at Fresh Graduates and Under-Employed Professionals to equip them with employability skills. The ability to suceed in an interview is one skill lacking in a lot of unemployed graduates.

This first phase will be an interview mock session for people who have struggled with interviews.

Here, you would have a real life mock interview and get HONEST feedback as well as a one on one coaching from an HR Professional and a subject matter expert in your field. We have only 50 slots and Invitation will be competitive as there will be some form of scrutiny before being selected.

You would also undergo a post workshop coaching to help you get better over time. This workshop is totally FREE.


If you would like to apply or know someone who needs this, share this link with them:

If you have struggled with being successful in an interview and also tired of this experience, then this is something you don’t want to miss!

Venue and Time would be communicated to selected participants.

Yewande Jinadu

Yewande Jinadu is a Recruiter, a certified HR Professional, an employability coach, Public speaker and a Career Blogger. She has a passion for helping millennials grow their careers. Writing is way for her to make an impact and touch lives. She would love to help reduce unemployment by providing people with the right information. She enjoys reading and speaking with young people. She facilitates a monthly career related Twitter discussion: @careerlifeng Send her a feedback by sending a mail to: Join her network on LinkedIn:

4 thoughts on “CareerLife Nigeria organizes a FREE Career Workshop for 50 people

  1. Thank you Yewande Jinadu for this exceptional opportunity from careerlife.

    I believe this opportunity will help prepare me for future interviews. I will definitely apply for this so that it will assist me identify and rectify my shortcomings in the five (5) previous interviews I went in a span of three (3) years which unfortunately, I was not selected for the positions I applied.

    Thank you CareerLife once again for this great opportunity.

  2. This is indeed a good idea in the right direction, which will help prepare professionals like me on how to go about interviews and answering interview questions. This is one of the best career initiatives that I have seen in my lifetime. Looking forward to attending this great and life changing event. I’m very grateful for this Yewande Jinadu.

  3. Thank you Yewande, am looking forward to attending this. I hope other HR Professionals would do something like this in future.

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