What went down at the Employability Fitness Program (EFP 2.0)

What went down at the Employability Fitness Program (EFP 2.0)

The degree of joblessness has made a great deal of graduates disdain meets as well as become frightful which causes them to fall flat and stay jobless.

CareerLife Nigeria was imagined out of the energy to help comprehend the issue of un-employability among graduates. The Founder, Yewande Jinadu is somebody who had before battled with meetings and she feared it such a great amount until she chose to seek after Human Resource as a Career way and figured out how it felt to be at the opposite side of the table.

After the primary version that affected 138 youthful alumni, the second release of the Employability Fitness Program(EFP) hung on the eighteenth  January 2020 as a feature of the semiannual vision for the program. The Program tries to enable youthful alumni to beat talk with fear by presenting them to a live meeting mock meeting with HR Professionals and Subject Matter Experts so the input they would get would be customized to their one of a kind need and inadequacy. The meeting facilitated 100 participants this time dissimilar to the 50 members of the primary release. Investment in the EFP was totally FREE.

They were 16 boards comprising of 1 HR Professional and one Subject Matter Expert(in the applicants wanted vocation way). Members were appointed to different boards dependent on their vocation intrigue and were met for 15mins each. A few members not just left with customized input on zones of progress yet additionally left with a free CV and LinkedIn profile audit just as contacts of some specialists who vowed to allude them for certain jobs.

The impact of the program is to make the members increasingly certain of themselves and furthermore make them fully aware of where they have missed the point.

A few exercises from probably the visitor speakers were:

  • Your dread for a talk with fear was found out and a similar way you learned it, you can un-learn it
  • Start by playing the procedure through your head on how the dread came and afterward start to re-compose the content by revealing to yourself some key things like “You will walk alive out of the room regardless”, “These people(interviewers) are likewise individuals like you”
  • You need to give yourself kudos for everything you do when featuring a few aptitudes. Acting naturally mindful is key in recognizing transferable skills
  • Find out what your qualities are and exhibit it. Quest for vocations that are lined up with your most grounded skills
  • Researching an organization and rehearsing inquiries questions would assist you with being progressively arranged and less fearful.


Large gratitude to our Partners to the program who gave charge items to the members or free administrations as their method for contributing towards the Development of adolescents:

Nestle Nigeria

Flour Mills Plc

Coca Cola

Andrews Photography (who delivered these superb pictures)

CuppiesnMore (Who made scrumptious cupcakes for the members)

TalentCode who upheld in different manners

The Employability Fitness Program despite everything proceeds with a 3months post-instructing exercise in an offer to handhold them for the following 3 months and measure the viability of the program.

To watch the video feature, click here

Okay, prefer to support or join forces with us towards the July Edition? Generously send an email to careerlifenigeria@gmail.com





Yewande Jinadu

Yewande Jinadu is the Founder of CareerLife Nigeria(www.careerlife.com.ng), a Certified HR Professional and an Employability coach. CareerLife Nigeria is a social initiative aimed at reducing unemployment by providing people with the right career related information and Coaching. Yewande is passionate about People Development, Recruitment, Employability and Career Coaching. Through personal coaching, published articles and speaking engagements, she has helped hundreds of young professionals become more employable and gain employment. You can reach out to her by sending a mail to: info@careerlife.com.ng and follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @careerlifeng

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