Post Interview Feedback: What to do as a Candidate

Post Interview Feedback: What to do as a Candidate

Have you been ever gone for an interview where you felt you did exceptionally well and you feel you were the best candidate for the job and didn’t eventually get called back? The worst part is that you’re left hanging not knowing what you did wrong so that you can improve on it next time.

I used to feel very bad wondering why Recruiters or Interviewers don’t try to give feedback on what went wrong but when I changed career to HR, I was at the other end doing the same thing. I’m not trying to make excuses for HR Professionals because it’s right to give someone feedback(P.S HR Professionals should endeavor to be better) but when you have assessed over 200 candidates and still have an assessment the next day and a whole lot of work to do, there is a tendency to push that task to the bottom.  Lots of Recruiters can’t afford to buy a software that would help them manage candidates and automate feedback

The truth is this: It’s not a crime to call the recruiter (or the company) if you can get their number from their website and ask for a feedback on your interview or why you were not chosen. PERSONALLY, I find the act a brave one and IF I can remember the person’s performance, I would explain to the person why he/she wasn’t chosen and how the person can improve for the next opportunity. I’ve had someone call me to ask why others got a call to come for training and why he wasn’t called and while I was trying to explain to him why I didn’t push him forward to the client (that is after realizing there was no hope), he just hissed and dropped the call.

That kind of person isn’t even ready to learn from his mistakes and I would never forget his face, so if I ever encounter him again, I doubt if I would be impressed. The truth is that opportunities come and go, and will still come again. The fact that you were not qualified for one role doesn’t mean you may not be qualified for another one through the same recruiter. I have interviewed people that I didn’t choose because they didn’t qualify according to what the client wanted but I still have their profile in my head and I would push them for another role.

My Advice: If you were not successful with an interview and you lost an opportunity, BE BRAVE! Call the recruiter and ask for feedback, be nice and courteous and show that you have learnt something from the opportunity. Also ask the recruiter to keep you in view for another opportunity. Don’t be a Victim and remain a Victim.

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4 thoughts on “Post Interview Feedback: What to do as a Candidate

  1. I really wish I can be brave to ask about my performance after every interview, but I don’t think I have that courage to ask because I get nervous when I go for interviews.
    I went for an interview today, but I’m not sure if I’ll get the job. I was nervous and this really affected my performance. I was given time to calm down and relax, but I was still nervous.

  2. What about a situation when you have called or emailed to ask about your performance and you get a response like “we will get back to you”?
    I went for a two-stage interview last year and knew I did well, after some time I sent a mail asking if a decision has been made and I was told “I would be informed if there is one. They will get back to me asap.” And, till now I have not heard from them.

    Do I repeat the call?

    1. Hi Amarachi,

      Some recruiters don’t have that professional work ethics and may have forgotten about it. I feel you shouldn’t bother reaching out because last year is a long time. Move on to greater opportunities and a better candidate experience.

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