Modupe Ogunyemi: Dear Young (Nigerian) Graduate

Modupe Ogunyemi: Dear Young (Nigerian) Graduate

Each time I sit on a meeting board, I see the desperate requirement for direction and coaching of youthful alumni. Many battle with getting, keeping employments and for the most part constructing a profession not on the grounds that they aren’t gifted but since they need imperative knowledge. I’d prefer to share a portion of the exercises I’ve learnt en route with the expectation that it assists with making the way simpler for those coming behind.

Remember that this understanding is gotten from my very own encounters, including botches I’ve made and gained from over the most recent 12 years. Having worked in about 10 organizations in and outside Nigeria, I can reveal to you that these standards remain constant paying little heed to area, industry or geology.

Don’t Oppose Your Boss Publicly

In any association, supervisors close positions, consistently and as a matter of course. Supervisors will never conflict with themselves for a lesser associate, ever. So regardless of whether your manager is accomplishing something incorrectly, it’s not in your place to get him out. Eventually, the executives will discover and manage him however till at that point, hold your head down and simply accomplish your work. Except if obviously, you have secured another position or you are smoking something like weed.

Work on Your Human Relations

It’s insufficient to be gifted or capable. On the off chance that you are the most talented individual however your relational connections smell, you won’t go far. Being amicable and well disposed trounce ability constantly. Be tenacious in your activity, truly, yet don’t make adversaries simultaneously. This isn’t to imply that you ought to approach kissing individuals’ rear ends, hellfire no. Just individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about their employments do that. Furthermore, they also don’t go far. Know your activity, carry out your responsibility, be cordial about it. Relate well with both the individuals above and the individuals underneath you. Also, recall it’s an office, not a family assembling.

Invest in Yourself

Your self improvement is altogether your duty, not unreasonably of the organization you work for. If it’s not too much trouble read the last sentence again and let it hit home. In the event that the organization you work for has preparing plans set up, exploit it. If not, plunge your hands inside your pocket and train yourself. Indeed, pay for your own preparation. At the point when I take a gander at individuals’ CVs and in 5 years, they haven’t added anything to themselves, it raises a tremendous warning. 5 years, no preparation, no gathering, no class? What’s more, you need to find a workable pace? How na? Indeed, even business visionaries, the Dangotes & Otedolas, go to places like Harvard & Crotonville for trainings consistently. You think finding a workable pace and remaining there is by asking and fasting? Hian!

Bad Bosses Are Good

Since 2004 when I graduated and joined corporate Nigeria, I’ve had a considerable amount of terrible managers. I’ve had great, terrible and out and out dreadful. I solidly accept that 80% of the time, individuals change occupations on account of their supervisors and less the organization itself. Awful supervisors are useful for your development. They fortify you. They show how not to act when you become a chief. They challenge you to either do or die. It is anything but a lovely encounter and can even break your soul in the event that you let it. Trust me, I’ve had a considerable amount of crying in the workplace. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t break, you will take off. In the event that you end up in an awful manager circumstance, accept it as a test to gain proficiency with the don’ts of administration and whenever the chance to take off comes, hold onto it!

Never Badmouth A Boss/Company Publicly Or At Interviews

At the point when you’ve been around sufficiently long, you will understand that corporate Nigeria is an extremely little spot. We as a whole know ourselves, truly. Someone will know someone that knows your chief. Also, that someone may very well be the one meeting you for your new position. Never at any point, knock a spot you’ve worked for or a supervisor you’ve worked with out in the open. In case you’re gotten some information about it in a meeting, discover another thing to state, genuinely. Na you wan talk say instructor mom pass on?

Choose a Career Path

Quit tossing CVs around at any rate. Choose what it is you need to do. As straightforward as it sounds, numerous youthful alumni simply don’t get it. What’s more, I comprehend, at that organize you simply need to acquire a pay sha, so any way na way. In any case the sooner you streamline all your activity looking through endeavors to a specific line, the speedier your development will be. This is something I truly wish I’d known when I was beginning as well. It requires some investment and exertion to assemble a fruitful vocation, the sooner you start, the quicker you’ll develop. What’s more, you need to begin for its love, not for the cash. I don’t have the foggiest idea by what other method to state this. It is anything but difficult to see when individuals go after a position as a result of the cash and not in light of the enthusiasm. You can’t cover that up in a meeting. Obviously energy can and as a rule meets cash even in a paid activity yet make certain to begin from enthusiasm. The other path round will consume you out in the long run.

Be Prepared To Sacrifice

In all actuality, there is no easy route to the top. You simply need to take care of your obligations. Each achievement has a story. This is the reason it is essential to leave energy alone the spark of your profession and not cash. The energy will continue you before the cash begins coming in. At the point when I tell individuals a few pay rates I have gathered before, they don’t trust it. I simply grin. There is a time of penance, for everyone, in each control. The more you chip away at yourself, the more your penchant to gain. In any case, it won’t occur in one day. At the point when I see youthful alumni today advising a meeting board they need to gather X sum, I wonder who their guides are. I’ve had a person state well, my pay must be X since that is the thing that my folks gave me when I was in school and I can’t take not as much as that. Do you think I contracted him? I wished him well and sought after his purpose that his father had an aggregate he could work in. Until and except if you have significant work understanding, your capacity to arrange pay is by nil.

After totally said and done, there is no closure to learning and I am as yet adapting as well. I have only sketched out exercises I’ve learnt throughout the years and may contrast from someone else’s understanding. Taking all things together, I wish all activity searchers and vocation developers out there the absolute best. God favor everybody’s hustles.


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  1. This is so right and idealistic. Nothing but the truth. All the highlighted points were too exact and touchy. What a great reminder!!!!!

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