#MyHRDiary: Innovative Employee Engagement

#MyHRDiary: Innovative Employee Engagement

Technology is a great tool that can be deployed in the workplace especially Employee Engagement.

Last week, we had our first Town Hall Meeting for the Year and I set out to make it a unique one for the TeamšŸ˜€

We used used technology to drive an inclusive discussion where every staff had a voice towards building the organization of their dream.

With Mentimenter, we played online games together and people were able to show their strengths. ThanksĀ Ejiro Enemigin-Ogunbanjo CPC, MCIPM, SPHRiā„¢Ā for referring it to me

The best of it all was SLIDO. I discovered it while researching for online tools. With Slido, we used live polls to give awards (free and fair one) and everyone liked it because they could freely ask questions.

It was indeed a fun session and I would recommend both tools in your next Town Hall Meeting. (You can thank me lateršŸ˜‰)

What is your organization doing to drive employee engagement ?

Yewande Jinadu

Yewande Jinadu is a Young and Dynamic HR Professional who is a passionate about employability of Young Graduates. She is the Founder of CareerLife Nigeria (careerlife.com.ng) and the convener of The Employability Fitness Program, a program that helps young graduates overcome interview phobia through live interview mock sessions Her passion for impacting others and starting CareerLife Nigeria was borne out of her own personal struggle to get a job. As an engineering graduate who finished from a public university with no previous employability training, she struggled to find a job. She made up my mind to switch to HR with the desire to help young Nigerian graduates achieve measurable success in their career. Through CareerLife Nigeria's initiative, several graduates have become employable and gotten job several Job Offers. Recently she was recognized as one of the top 150 global HR Professionals and Top 50 Career Influencers by The Workbooth Yewande is changing the narrative for Young Nigerian Graduates You can reach out to her by sending a mail to: info@careerlife.com.ng and follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @careerlifeng

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