#MyHRDiary: Performance Management, My New Love

#MyHRDiary: Performance Management, My New Love

Welcome to another episode of my #MyHRDiary. I started this series to take you through part of my HR Journey by sharing real life experiences and stories that would help you in your own career journey.

So you may be surprised that someone who majorly talks about Talent Acquisition and Career Management has now found a love in Performance Management all of a sudden lol

I’m not a newbie in HR so Performance Management isn’t a new aspect to me so why is it my new-found love? Let me give you a brief history of my career.

I learned about what Performance Management was about when I started my career in an HR Consulting Firm without actually practicing it (all I knew was theory). Then I moved to a small firm where I thought I would be able to implement the theory I thought I knew but that didn’t end well because it was a VERY small organization and real HR Practices weren’t valued. Anyway, I did LOTS and LOTS of research and implemented a performance management process with the ‘little’ I knew.

Fastforward, I moved to a specialist role so I forgot about it and now I’m back in a Business Partnering Role (Generalist) and I am practically self-teaching myself.

In my career, I have always wanted to be under someone who I would learn a lot from and literally ‘hide’ under but I just have to make lemonades from the lemons handed over to me (Not everyone would work in a big multinational). For now, I’m in an environment where I am learning on the Go and have the platform to drive as much initiatives and do so much because I’m the Lead HR.

That’s one advantage of working in a small business, you have the opportunity to self-teach yourself, implement, do trial and error and learn on the Go. You may not really get the large platforms multinationals would give you but if you’re good enough and crazy about personal growth like me, you would literally see those little seeds growing.

For me, I had to reteach myself Performance Management because it all lies in my hands and if I’m to effectively help the business grow through its people, then I must get the Performance Management bit correctly.

We moved to the OKR Method and it was indeed a wonderful experience for me because I can’t count how many online courses I did (both free and paid) to ensure I got it right. I also can’t count how many minutes I spent on calling colleagues who already had it in their organizations. Even through it all, I was learning how to make it better every month. I thought I had gotten a hang on it but even last month, I realized something I could do better.

I recently paid for another two day training on “Design Thinking in Performance Management” and that was because I always felt that because everything I implemented was self-taught then something was missing. Even though I learned something new in the training (which I plan to implement soon), listening to others and the content generally, I felt rest assured that ‘Me sef I know work’

So why is Performance Management my new-found love? The whole journey of self-teaching and solo implementation was quite fun and interesting to me. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment is one aspect that has always excited me but now when I go back to the drawing board and begin to think about things I can do better, I realized it’s not really a chore for me unlike ‘some’ other aspects of HR.

Performance Management is a critical aspect of Human Resource Management because if you’re not able to help the organization achieve its objectives through its people then what are you really doing.

Human Resource is a life-long journey of learning for me. I really don’t know it all but I’m proud of the progress I’m making each day through the people in my network who have willingly put me through and which I’m learning from. I may not be working under one big HR Director that has donkey years of experience but I have very knowledgeable people in my network who coach me virtually.

My advice to any HR Professional working in a small organization putting in his/her best to put in best practice processes, it may be tempting to see your mates managing thousands of staff with overstructured processes and get jealous. Just be part of a good HR Network and ensure you prioritize learning and don’t be afraid to acknowledge mistakes while learning. Get Management Buy-In in all you do and no matter how good your processes and policies are, it can always be better.

Stay tuned for more episodes of #MyHRDiary

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Yewande Jinadu

Yewande Jinadu is the Founder of CareerLife Nigeria(careerlife.com.ng) and also a Strategic HR Business Partner of a leading tech firm. She's a certified HR Professional with a mix of Generalist and Specialist Experience who supports the business to achieve it's goals through the people. Her strengths are in Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Organization Development and Employer Branding. Her social initiative, CareerLife Foundation solving UN SDG Goal 8 is aimed at reducing unemployment by helping graduates and professionals become Employable and accelerate their career growth. With various awards won both locally and globally, her vision is to help millions of youths achieve measurable success in their career. Yewande holds the Senior Professional of Human Resources International (SPHRi) Certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), USA. She is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (ACIPM) and has a Practitioners License to practice HR in Nigeria. She's the Convener of the Employability Fitness Program, an initiative aimed at helping young graduates overcome interview Phobia and the barriers in Recruitment process through mentoring. She is a public speaker and has been featured on various media platforms including: BellaNaija, SheLeadsAfrica, GuardianWoman, Women of Rubies etc Some of her recognitions include: Top 50 Career Influencers in Africa by The Workbooth Magazine and also a the top 10 Platinum members of Career Influencers. Top 150 Global HR Influencer by Social Micole. Top 100 Career Women in Nigeria by 9to5Chick Top 30 Leading Women in HR by Worden HCD You can reach out to her by sending a mail to: info@careerlife.com.ng and follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @careerlifeng

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  1. Thank you for writing this journey, I read through and felt you wrote about my struggles too. It was really insightful and encouraging. Now, I know i can also contact you when i need help too.

    #alsolearning #selftaught #wemove

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