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Motivation For CareerLife Foundation

The Founder, Yewande Jinadu is a Chemical Engineering Graduate who struggled with interviews. She was a typical graduate who went through sad and frustrating moments with her job search. Unemployment is a big issue that most graduates struggle with but feel they don’t have a chance because they are not connected to a “BIG UNCLE” in high places. 

That motivated Yewande to explore human resources as a career path. Having been at both sides of the table and seeing the genuine struggle of young graduates, she decided to do something about it. 

She decided to be the partner and mentor that jobseekers and young professionals need to help them achieve their career objective and get them closer to their dream job.

- The Founder, Yewande Jinadu

Who Are We?

CareerLife Foundation is a Young Professional and National Development Initiative of CareerLife Nigeria established in April 2018. Fully registered by CAC Nigeria as an NGO, it is aimed at helping young graduates and professional achieve measurable career growth. We do that by bridging the knowledge gap of unemployed job-seekers and young professionals. We are interested in the entire life cycle of people’s career by providing them with training and coaching to help them grow in their career.

With over 1,000 beneficiaries and over 200 volunteers, CareerLife Foundation keeps impacting lives.


To help recent graduates and young professionals actualize measurable career growth. To add value to the Nigerian economy through SDG Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth


To train and impact 10,000 Nigerians to get a job and grow in their career by 2033. To be a globally renowned NGO for Career Mentoring and Coaching for young professionals and recent graduates.

Our Programmes

Employability Fitness Programme

This bi-annual event aims to help fresh graduates and professionals overcome interview apprehension through live coaching sessions with veteran experts. It is also a networking event where attendees may meet leaders from various businesses and apply for employment. We organized three events with over 500 participants, 75 volunteers, and 50 persons who secured jobs in top firms as a result of the program.
It continues with a three-month post-coaching session that prepares individuals for additional training, internet networking, and connecting with companies.

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Twitter Monthly Mentoring sessions

We hold monthly sessions on our Twitter page addressing various topics critical to getting a job and growing in career. We invite industry leaders, answer burning questions and give out some services for free.

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Telegram CareerLife Community

We have a community on Telegram with over 1000 members where we hold virtual trainings at free and subsidized cost to improve their employability.