My Career Struggle- Episode 4

My Career Struggle- Episode 4

Hello ma.


Please, I need your advice on a workplace-related issue, I feel you would be in the best position to advise me, as other people always seem to get emotional about it. I am a fresh graduate of Psychology, I’m through with my service year and I had been job searching since I finished until mid-June when I was told to go to this recruiting firm located in Ikeja to submit my CV and they could link me up with a job that fits into what I want. I applied for jobs that are Psychology, Education or Human resource inclined because those are the things I can do well with. On getting there the man that interviewed me offered me a job as the counselor in the recruiting firm. His terms were that I work as an intern for 3 months and he will pay me 25,000 after which I would be offered full employment and my salary will be reviewed. It wasn’t the best of offers but I accepted and started working in June.

At the time I started, there were 5 other staffs, 4 of them work on the field, getting the jobs and the people that need the jobs and the last staff worked as the cleaner/errand man. So I and my boss alone work in the office. The four staffs working on the field were contract staffs so they earn as they work. I earn monthly and work 5 days a week but he insists I work on Saturday so I get a day in the week off which is not bad.

So about three weeks ago there was a misunderstanding between my boss and the staffs on the field because they were not meeting their target and he refused to pay them for their work in June, i understood his sentiments because they hadn’t met even 10% of the target and they had been getting transport allowance from him. They all eventually stopped working, on the 3rd of July, the cleaner guy too stopped working, so I’m currently his only staff and I’m supposed to be working as a “counselor”

So he called me on the 4th of July for a brief meeting where he told me all that went down between himself and all the staffs that left. He also said that God had called him into Full-time ministry, (lest I forget, he’s a pastor and he runs his church in the very mini hall here with just 2 members and his family as the congregation, but I don’t even have a problem with that) but i would still be doing counseling more like “spiritual counseling” for people that need help, he also said that now that the cleaner is gone and it is just himself and me so I would be doing the cleaning including the toilet, then I would also be editing his books, (he is an author, and he has some books he hasn’t published yet), I wasn’t so pleased with the new job terms but I figured it was better than being at home doing nothing. So I have been doing this since this month and my whole reason for writing this now is that every day he comes up with new job roles that are not what I bargained for

Last week he entirely changed my job from being a counselor to being his assistant, I had been asking for a list of my job description since the first day I started but he hasn’t been responding, last week he asked me to write what the job role for an office assistant should be and send it to him, I wrote it and this morning during the devotion, he preached about job descriptions, he said they are” limiting” and he can’t work with them or give me one because he works based on the direction of the holy spirit.

Also after insisting that I could not get Saturdays off because they were the “evaluation days” (the staffs on the field used to come around to give reports on how the work is going), he has now said I can only take Saturdays off, meanwhile I already planned to volunteer somewhere once in week to do what really makes me happy but he is taking that from me now. Sometime last week he asked me to go with him for evangelism “he tried to term it street counseling”

The main reason I am writing all this is just to ask this one question. Is it normal or right for the boss to just change employee job role in between employment or am I just being not diligent in my work?

Please, just advice me because I’m honestly not happy here, the only way I could be happy is if I get to volunteer like I wanted to and that is about to be taken away from me too. Thank you for listening ma


Yewande Jinadu

Yewande Jinadu is the Founder of CareerLife Nigeria(, a Certified HR Professional and an Employability coach. CareerLife Nigeria is a social initiative aimed at reducing unemployment by providing people with the right career related information and Coaching. Yewande is passionate about People Development, Recruitment, Employability and Career Coaching. Through personal coaching, published articles and speaking engagements, she has helped hundreds of young professionals become more employable and gain employment. You can reach out to her by sending a mail to: and follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @careerlifeng

One thought on “My Career Struggle- Episode 4

  1. You should resign and get out of there as soon as possible. You read psychology for goodness sake, you should be able to read the writing on the wall. You would be so entangled in a web that you wouldn’t even be able to explain.
    So not worth it even for a higher paying salary.
    That’s not a job, it’s just someone using and manipulating you physically, spiritually and mentally. The damage this might cause you could take years to repair.

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