My Career Struggles-Episode 3

My Career Struggles-Episode 3

Good day ma’am,

I have been a job seeker for 4 years now. But mine is not a case of non opportunity. I am the achitect of my own challenge and i am sharing my story so the younger ones can learn. I am a graduate from FUT Minna, geology department. And I had this mentality of ‘what is yours is yours and grade doesn’t determine ones success’. I wasn’t serious with studies so I ended up with a 3rd class.


A lot of job opportunities has come but I can’t even get close because most job criteria requires a better grade before granting a test or interview. Please enlighten the public of how important it is to graduate with good grade for easier job chances.


But I’m not giving up though I shall continue job hunting, learning new skills and building more on my talent

Yewande Jinadu

Yewande Jinadu is a Recruiter, a certified HR Professional, an employability coach, Public speaker and a Career Blogger. She has a passion for helping millennials grow their careers. Writing is way for her to make an impact and touch lives. She would love to help reduce unemployment by providing people with the right information. She enjoys reading and speaking with young people. She facilitates a monthly career related Twitter discussion: @careerlifeng Send her a feedback by sending a mail to: Join her network on LinkedIn:

One thought on “My Career Struggles-Episode 3

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your story for others to learn. I hope undergraduates will learn from this.

    However, I also believe that what you finished with may not have to limit you because some top entrepreneurs and billionaires finished with a 3rd class.

    I believe you can make up for it with certifications. If you apply to small companies without including yiur grade on your CV, you will be considered.

    Don’t allow what you finished with limit you from exploring your potential to the last

    I wish you the best in your career!

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