My passion for HR and helping to impact people by any means possible is what initially made me discover my writing skills. My articles are sometimes personal experiences because I feel I can relate to what I am telling people. The past few weeks for me have been adventurous, fun and very educative. There is a saying that ‘Experience is the best teacher’ which is mostly true. A lot of times I see articles on helpful tips and advise for people trying to build a career for themselves and I’ve always felt it wasn’t that important until my eye opener experience. We conducted a staff Audit for a client few weeks back and the background to the staff audit was to help advice to help align the staff to the new visions of the company meaning some people needed to be promoted, re-trained or exited. Here were some invaluable lessons that stuck with me from the whole exercise.

1.     Have a VISION and PLAN for your career and make sure you follow through.

You may think this may sound cliché but the truth is that most people don’t follow through. I met people that have worked for the company for over 8 years and they are still in the same position while some that started in that same level have been promoted to manager levels. As someone who has a vision, you need to have a plan A and B. Ask yourself that if I get this qualifications and I am still in the same level, what are my backup plans? What skills do I need for my backup plan to work? Have a 10year plan for yourself and break it down yearly. What are the extra qualifications or things you need to learn before then. We met people who has worked for 5-9 years and have can’t account for any form of improvement just because they were waiting for the organization.

2.     No EXCUSES please!

Throughout this exercise, I was just tired of hearing all sorts of excuses. I met people who had the perfect excuse for why they have not been promoted in a long time. Excuses why they have not improved their qualification. Excuses why the organization is to be blamed for them not performing well. Some people will claim that it’s because of family problem and money that they haven’t gotten the needed qualification and we later realized when we checked their files that the company actually reimburses them for every dime they spend on the relevant qualifications. I love this quote below:

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” —Benjamin Franklin

3.     Work with passion.

If you don’t love what you do or if you’re frustrated and disgruntled with the entire system/policies of the organization or industry and you discover that you’re struggling with staying loyal to the organization, its better you start looking for another job or start your own business. I feel that in this world with so many opportunities, one of the worst things you can do to yourself is to continue suffering in silence for years when you have the power to change it.

This kind of experience these past few weeks is more than I can put down in one single article but this is just a summary for now.

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