Step by Step Approach to writing a Good Cover Letter

Step by Step Approach to writing a Good Cover Letter

A Cover Letter is an introduction sent along with a Resume to provide additional details on your skills and experience and to show more reasons why you are the ideal candidate for the role.

A good cover letter should be memorable (positive) and personal (not generic). It should make the recruiter excited to open your CV.


Let’s start with Tips to Winning Cover Letter

  • Do not attach your Cover Letter when sending an email. Paste the content in the body of the email and ensure its addressed properly. Only attach when expressly instructed.
  • Write a unique cover letter for every job you apply to. Every job has its unique job description and so should your cover letter.
  • Your cover letter shouldn’t be too long. When it’s too long, there is a high chance it won’t be read. I would recommend just two paragraphs.
  • It should show things other not in your Resume. For experienced hands, use numbers/data for achievement. For fresh Graduates, highlight transferable skills.
  • Highlight on the right experience or skill based on what was requested for in the job description.
  • You can use Cover Letter Templates on Google to GUIDE you not to dictate for you. It would help you with a format.
  • Avoid listing traits/skills you possess, RATHER highlight few details on how you have exhibited them. E.g problem-solving skills, honesty, attention to details etc. Give examples of something that can capture the message/skill you are trying to convey
  • Ensure you go through it over again to avoid ‘typos’ and grammatical errors. “Grammarly” is recommended (Download and Install the app). It’s a lifesaver, trust me!
  • Address it properly. It should be sent to the expected person receiving it or the HR Manager/Recruiter. If you don’t know who is receiving it. Address it to “The HR Manager”
  • You should always show your value and why you’re the right fit for the role and not just only what the organization can do for you.



Step 1:

The HR Manager,

Company Name,






Step 2:


Dear Recruiters Name(if you know)/HR Manager/Sir/Ma,


Step 3(Introduction):

Introduce yourself, how you heard about it, your skills and what drew your interest to apply for the job (why you applied).


I’m Yewande Jinadu, I would like to apply for the HR Business Partner role as advertised on LinkedIn. My interest and experience in carrying out various HR functions to support the the growth of the business has made excited to apply for this role.


Step 4(why you’re a perfect fit for the role):

Relate it to the job description and why your past experience and skills meet exactly what the company is looking for. Relate your achievements, technical/technological capabilities are in tandem with the job description.


For step 4, You can include why you would fit into the organization showing that you have properly done your research about the company.


Step 5 (Closing)

This is more like a call to attention. It’s like after marketing your product, there is a need to prompt them on the next steps.



Please find attached my Resume for your perusal. I am open to discuss more of my skills and the value I would bring to your company during an interview.


Step 6: (Sign-Off)


Use Yours Sincerely when you are addressing it to someone(when the receiver is known). Use Yours faithfully when the receiver is unknown. You can ALSO use:


*your name*

(Phone Number)

Yewande Jinadu

Yewande Jinadu is a Strategic Human Resource Professional with significant experience in solving problems and helping organization deliver value through its people. Over the past 5years, she has used her expertise in Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Technical Recruitment, Performance Management and Employee Engagement to shape the culture of various organization. A superb communicator and an advocate of always treating people well. Currently the Founder of CareerLife Nigeria (, a Public Speaker, Trainer and feature writer for top blogs in NIgeria Through CareerLife Nigeria's initiative, several graduates have become employable and gotten job several Job Offers. Recently she was recognized as one of the top 150 global HR Professionals and Top 50 Career Influencers by The Workbooth Yewande is changing the narrative for Young Nigerian Graduates You can reach out to her by sending a mail to: and follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @careerlifeng