This message is for people that see a job advert that they don’t qualify for but because they saw one of my post that says they should tailor their CV’s, they decide to do this.

Members of the Jury, what do you observe with an excerpt of a candidate’s CV?

Post Held: Logistics Personnel

Job Description:

  • Business development Personnel
  • Inter-Company Liason officer
  • Documentations, Records and Organisation of Developments
  • Organizing meetings between the manager and clients.


The candidate basically just changed the job title of a role he was probably like P.A or Admin Officer. Please let’s be guided in this. I always advice candidates NEVER to lie on their CV, if it doesn’t backfire immediately. It eventually will backfire.

Tweaking your CV for a specific job role is not lying rather, focus more on the relevant experience you have which is related to the role and remove the irrelevant ones that’s not needed.

It’s about putting your best foot forward and not an inexistent foot. Please don’t appear clueless by putting tasks that are not related to the role, best is not to apply for a role you know you are not qualified. I believe in miracles but please be realistic.

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